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To the east of Qiantang Third Bridge and on the south bank of Qiantang River stands Hangzhou International Expo Center (HIEC), the main venue of 2016 G20 Summit holding both modern facilities and the human spirits of classical Jiangnan.

On a convenient location and a space totaling 850,000 sqm, HIEC is a multi-format complex consisting of convention, exhibition, hotel, commerce and offices, sure to bring brand-new development pattern and to mark the commencement of the sixth generation of Chinese modern exhibition.

G20 Summit Experience Venue covers an area of 170,000 sqm.

On Sep 4-5 ,2016, Hangzhou International Expo Center received leaders from20 nations and guests as the main venue of G20 Summit. After the summit, G20 Summit ExperienceVenue opens to the public on Sept 25,2016 andhas attracted a lot of touristsworldwide. G20 Summit Experience Venue, featured as bothelegant and grand, shows Chinese civilization and has been widely admired by tourists which makes it the most popular visiting spot in Xiaoshan, Hangzhou.

The G20 summit experience museum tickets online address: http://ticket.lvmama.com/scenic-10904169

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